• 21
  • 04
  • 2023
  • 07.30
  • pm

40 Years of The Dogs D’Amour [SOLD OUT]

Please note this is an 18+ event
Every Dog Has It’s Day … string of live dates to celebrate 40 Years of The Dogs D’Amour 
After a pandemic-enforced break from touring, Tyla and his rowdy Dogs D’Amour take to the road for a string of UK live dates to celebrate 40 glorious, loud, debauched and drunken years of The Dogs D’Amour.
Formed in 1983 by Tyla, The Dogs D’Amour carved their own unique place in rock history and our hearts, and from their very first gig at Merlin’s Cave in London on April 12th that year, lived a lifestyle of excess which many expected would have made making a second album unlikely, let alone still be going strong a Thousand songs and 40 years later.
Along the way, Tyla and his songs have provided the soundtrack to many of our lives in a way that no other songs have or could with their Big Guitars and Drums, drunken sentimental melodies and poetic lyrics proudly worn heart on sleeve. With a catalogue including ‘I Don’t Want You To Go’, ‘Satellite Kid’, ‘Heroine’, ‘Billy Two Rivers’,  ‘Last Bandit’, ‘Wait Until I’m Dead’, ‘I Think It’s Love Again’, ‘Errol Flynn’, ‘Drunk Like Me’ and the classic ‘How Come It Never Rains’, it’s not hard to see why.
Playing a special career-spanning set of hits, fan favourites, love songs from the gutter and deep cuts from ‘The State We’re In’ (1984) through to ‘Tree Bridge Cross’ (2022) and all points in between. In their own unique sing-a-long style, this is a tour you’ll not want to miss or may not ever see again.
The Gretsch’s are primed, venues have been alerted and extra truckloads of Guinness and Vineyards of Red are on their way.
Practice your gang vocals (and banter), dress for the occasion and prepare to be led astray by Tyla, Si, Matty and Gaz.

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