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  • 2022
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Blizzard Comedy presents WIP shows by Balthazar Dark and Thom Bee

Please note this is an 18+ event


The second in our Edinburgh Fringe preview series, we are returning to our home stage of Gullivers with two more long-awaited work-in-progress shows. Catch us in the Northern Quarter on Thursday 7th July for:

Wrestling With Saddos – Balthazar Dark
Balthazar Dark is the greatest wrestler you’ve never heard of. Too dangerous to perform in the UK he whiles away his time exposing the seedy underbelly of pro wrestling to comedy audiences. Join him for an hour of career highlights and even more lowlights.

Psychocinematic – Thom Bee
Psychocinematic is a thinly veiled attempt for Thom Bee to come to terms with his own volatile mental health. It takes stand-up, smushes it together with Thom’s lifelong obsession with film, and yields results that will make you howl with laughter, fondly remember and cringe at the 00s, and slightly worry about Thom’s well-being. This show tiptoes into Thom’s psyche to discuss our predilection for turning to the comfort of the silver screen when our brains melt, only to find more peril – like Indiana Jones running from a boulder of his own projections.

Psychocinematic promises to be an uplifting exploration into why gnarly horror films will lift your mood, as well as openly tackling a borderline personality disorder diagnosis and a brief stay in a mental health ward. This show is a must-see for anyone who gets way too into movies and reads into their own mental health, which is all of us…right?