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  • 11
  • 2021
  • 07.00
  • pm

Certificate X presents Cult Cinema – Demon Witch Child

Demon Witch Child
Spain 1975
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Cast: Julian Mateos, Marian Salgado, Lone Fleming, Fernando Sancho, Kali Hansa
It’s (just after) Halloween so we present a horror show complete with trailers, a short film (from 1977) and this cheap & trashy demonic possession horror.
Following the death of an old witch whilst in police custody, the remaining coven seek revenge by passing on a devil-doll to the police commissioner’s daughter, allowing the evil spirit of the dead witch to possess her body. Under the spell, the girl becomes a balding, haggard monster with rotten teeth and a foul temper, hell bent on castration and ritual sacrifice. Enter Father Juan, who dumped his girlfriend (now a prostitute) out of devotion to the church, to perform an exorcist.
Let the good vs evil battle commence.
With obscene (and at time genuinely outrageous) dialogue, cheap special effects (that of course mirror scenes from The Exorcist), ridiculous religious and scientific theory, Demon With Child is a crash course in unintentional humour.
Director Ossorio is better known for the excellent Blind Dead series of films, and those of you familiar with Spanish horror will recognise Marian Salgado from Who Can Kill A Child? Interestingly, Salgado was the dubbed Spanish voice of Linda Blair in the Spanish release of The Exorcist.
Happy Halloween!