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  • 02
  • 2024
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Certificate X Cult Films presents Robot Monster + The Creeping Terror

Please note this is an 18+ event
Monster Movie Trash Double-Bill
We say “hello” to 2024 with a science-fiction double feature of trashy monster mayhem. Bad films don’t come much worse than these! Come see them on the big screen with an audience for what promises to be a laugh riot.
Robot Monster
USA 1953
Director: Phil Tucker
Cast: George Nader, Gregory Moffett, Claudia Barrett
All human life on Earth has been destroyed by an alien death ray, except for eight family members who survived due to taking an experimental antibiotic serum which prevents illness. Alien Ro-Man (full name Ro-Man Extension XJ-2) is sent to Earth to exterminate the remaining survivors one-by-one. But love is in the air, not just between the humans, Ro-Man develops an attraction to one of the female survivors. This new feeling challenges his mission and puts him in conflict with his superior in deep space who sets off cosmic rays that make prehistoric reptiles roam the Earth again.
Made in 4 days for an estimated $16,000 and padded out with stock footage, Robot Monster features some of the most ridiculous effects ever, including a TV with a connected bubble machine for an inter-galactic communication machine, and, of course, the monster itself, a home-made gorilla suit with a silver crash helmet topped with a TV aerial. We love it!
The Creeping Terror
USA 1964
Director: Vic Savage
Cast: Vic Savage, Shannon O’Neil, William Thourlby
Attending the location of a reported plane crash, the authorities of a small American town discover an alien spaceship and its resident, a massive slow-moving growling woolly alien slug creature that devours humans. The military is called in, as is “the world’s leading authority on space emissions” to try to destroy the hungry monster. But not before the creature causes murderous mayhem at the lovers-lane, family homes, and a teenage dance hall. Can it be stopped?
Cinema doesn’t come cheaper than The Creeping Terror, with no synch sound and dreadful dubbing/narration. It was made with absolutely no regard for professional quality. The monster itself looks like a wired rag-rug with a wobbly head, it’s human victims having to physically throw themselves into its mouth to be devoured. It’s even more shocking to emphasise that this was made as late as 1964!
With both films running little over an hour each, the programme will be supported by Sci-Fi monster movie trailers from the 50’s and 60’s.

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