• 19
  • 10
  • 2022
  • 07.30
  • pm

DHP Family presents Cheap Teeth Plus Special Guests

Please note this is an 18+ event

Cheap Teeth’s aim is to write songs that are in equal measure structurally, and lyrically experimental as they are accessible. They are a band inspired by the dark cracks in the places they have lived, namely Edinburgh, Leeds and London. The late 70’s nightclubbing extravaganza is fronted by Joe Laycock, who’s vocal performance ranges from raspy Russian-novel-inspired rambles to pristine, room-filling howls. This is backed by growling, world ending, anthemic licks from Josef Ash, grunting basslines that feel both refreshingly self-assured and gorgeously wonky from Jack Sharp, all protected by drummer Sandy Short, who journeys the listener from jauntily swinging along to what SO YOUNG zine described as ‘a snotty garage rock tsunami’, to seamlessly immersing them into his world with icily locked-in punk rhythms.

​What a Feeling, What a Day is Cheap Teeth’s take on summer. Warm, slanted guitars and synths trudge along with the measured rhythm of the drums, conjuring the image of the band resentfully stumbling through the thick air of a hot morning in a city ill-equipped for August. Frontman Laycock characterfully delivers vividly odd scenarios, truths, and remarks, fittingly gift-wrapped in the ironic refrain from which the song takes its title. The song is then crafted into a meander that flows smoothly into its oceanic crescendo. A crescendo that encapsulates the band’s current intent. The ending contrasts the song’s initial restraint, riding on an abundance of ambitious, linear energy. They have preserved their dark charm yet have found themselves contending with the long, bright days of the current season, through which they display an ability to change pace, tone, and scale.