• 20
  • 07
  • 2019
  • 02.00
  • pm
  • Ballroom

Evil Hoof Picnic 3

Please note this is an 18+ event

The fantastic Evil Hoof Picnic is BACK for a 3rd year and this time it’s personal. We’re back at Gullivers in Manchester on July 20th 2019


The Kimberly Steaks
Fast punchy punk rock from Glasgow!
FFO:Early Green Day / Oskar
Eat Defeat
Catchy pop punk from Leeds
FFO:The Ataris / The Menzingers

They recorded, mixed and mastered a single in 3 hours! These guys are fast!
Only Strangers
Gruff punk from Stoke On Trent,
FFO: Lawrence Arms / Hot Water Music
Punk with the odd Ska number from Leeds / Manchester / Northwest kind of way.
FFO:Lagwagon / Strung Out
Hardcore from around Manchester,
FFO: H20 / Good Riddance
Tío Rico
Grungy punk from Manchester
FFO: Fu Manchu / Nirvana
Rites of Haḍḍā
Anarcho-pagan-gothic-stoner-punk band from North London The band plays an appealing blend of heads-down occult-tinged punk rock with a melodic, pop edge.
FFO: Poison Girls / Black Sabbath
Bobby Funk
Fast punk rock from Falmouth
Mean Caesar
Melodic Gruff Punk from South London
Early Mojo
’00 era skate punk from Manchester
FFO: The Descendents / Assorted Jellybeans
Pat Butcher
“Thrashy Soap Punk” from York
FFO: Poison idea, Negative fx, Circle Jerks