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  • 2023
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Certificate X Cult Film Screenings presents Fire of Vengeance [Lounge]

Please note this is an 18+ Event
Fire Of Vengeance
Indonesia 1982
English language (dubbed)
Director: Danu Umbra
Cast: Barry Prima, Duty Waist, Enny Haryono, George Rudy
At last, we are back, and here is the crazy Fire of Vengeance that was cancelled back in March.
From the director of Jungle Virgin Force (1988) comes a bonkers and super trashy punching, stabbing, chopping, cross-dressing double-crossing revenge epic.
When a gang of assassins brutally murder Wendy’s husband, she becomes a discipline of martial arts and trains her body and mind to become the fighting machine that will achieve bloodthirsty revenge. Disguised as a (male) taxi driver, Wendy enters the bare-knuckle fighting cage on route to infiltrate the murderous gang’s headquarters, where her husband’s killer lives a life of ill-gained luxury.
Plucked from almost total obscurity, Fire of Vengeance has an unrelenting level of energy and is packed with wild characters (including a vicious brute with BIG hair and a killer switch-blade prosthetic hand). Be prepared for eye gouging, brothel fights, confused policing, ninja schooling, fire killing, evil laughter, killer dialogue, groovy dancing, crazy twists, fake faces… and much much more!
Like a good white-knuckle ride, it’s a riot right until the breaks screech to a halt.
Unreleased on DVD, this is an English dubbed composite, edited from multiple video sources to create the most complete version there is.
The feature will be supported by a short programme of revenge film trailers.