• 26
  • 07
  • 2016
  • 07.00
  • pm
  • Lounge


Please note this is an 18+ event

Join us for the exciting comedy variety show Bridge Street Irregulars where we bring the deep, far corners of comedy to the centre stage.

ImproQuo, the Manchester Comedy Theatre Company, is the house improv comedy troupe of the show. They take what you believe to be reality and improvise a yarn of ridiculousness that you could only wish were the reality.

Give them only a word or a phrase and they use that to create the kind of scenes and entertainment pieces those uptight TV people can’t afford to risk airing, the rude and the ridiculous and the irreverent and the raunchy.


Sir Dickie Benson

Sir Dickie Benson, our nation’s finest living actor; Three time Academy Award winner, Ten time Academy Award nominee, former World Roman-Greco Wrestling Champion.

Peet’s comic creation, Sir Dickie Benson, is both hilarious and a wonderful piece of characterisation. From the moment he staggers, drunk into the room and falls onto the stage it’s clear that you are in the presence of a great comedy mind. He rambles hilariously about his adventures with other acclaimed actors and his riffs with the audience are unpredictable and sublime. One of my favourite new acts on the circuit.

Dominic Woodward

Delightfully well observed character comedy from an immediately amenable onstage presence with inventive material and a seemingly effortless ability to improvise. He’s definitely worth a gander at

Anthony J Brown

Jade Fearnley

Jade Fearnley has been performing and teaching Improv Comedy for almost a decade both in the UK and internationally, specialising in Rap, Music and Story Telling. She is also a Caberet act, Singer and Stand Up Comedian, often combining the art of improvised songs to her repotoir in all capacities.

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There’s free cake!

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