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  • 2024
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Certificate X Cult Films presents Karate Girl [lounge]

Please note this is an 18+ event
Karate Girl
Turkey 1973
English language (dubbed)
Director: Orhan Aksoy
Cast: Filiz Akin, Ediz Hun, Hayati Hamzaoglu, Bulent Kayabas
Zeynep lives with her father, selling flowers to save for an operation to restore her voice (which she lost following an accident). One day, five violent fugitives seek refuge in the house, killing her father, assaulting her, and stealing all their savings. The shock restores Zeynep’s voice, and she begins her revenge.
She becomes an expert shooter and a black-belt at karate, falling in love with her teacher in the process only for the wedding to end in bloodshed and tragedy. Bursting with hatred, Zeynep joins the police force and uses her skills to track down her enemies one by one to fulfil her revenge.
This barking mad Turkish action/exploitation flick became notorious after a clip went viral on social media under the title “worst death scene” (or one of its many variations). But there is more to like here, from overacting villains and amateurish action scenes to cheesy romance and dramatic score. Ditch that poor quality VHS bootleg tape with greek subtitles, Karate Girl is now fully restored.
The feature will be supported by a programme of revenge themed film trailers.

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