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Certificate X Cult Film Screenings present Karzan: Master of the Jungle [LOUNGE]

Please note this is an 18+ Event
Karzan: Master of the Jungle
Italy 1972
English language (dubbed) with one short subtitled sequence.
Director: Demofilo Fidani
Cast: Armando Bottin, Simonetta Vitelli, Ettore Manni, Gerardo Rossi
Not to be confused with the other king of the jungle!
Intrigued by the mysterious, primitive, human-like creature captured on film roaming the wilds of Africa, Lord Carter organises a scientific expedition to the Dark Continent to find out if there is such a thing as a human ape. There, amid ferocious beasts and blood-thirsty cannibals, the explorers find not one but two rare specimens: Karzan, the mighty lord of the jungle, and his glamorous but fierce untamed mate Shiran. Captured and caged for the civilised world to view… but all is not what it seems!
With Armando Bottin credited as ‘Johnny Kissmuller’, it’s not hard to realise what band-waggon Karzan is clinging to. Add muscle, blond hair, a friendly chimp, jungle fashion and tree-house interior design, along with unscrupulous explorers with forced British accents, and you have rip-off recipe only the Italians can pull off. It’s a treat of high camp proportions.
The feature will be supported by a short programme of jungle adventure trailers.

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