• 26
  • 03
  • 2016
  • 07.30
  • pm
  • Ballroom

Kirsten Adamson + Noah Noah

Please note this is an 18+ event

Kirsten Adamson

“Imagine Kate Bush and Debbie Harry – in their pomp – are stuck in an elevator on the 13th Floor. The engineers sent to rescue them turn out to be Crowded House’s Tim Finn and Massive Attack’s 3D. Rather than save the legendary singers, they all decide to write and record an album. While comparison with other artists is a crude shorthand for this strikingly original and assured debut, the result may well have sounded a lot like Kirsten Adamson’s self-titled opener”





Noah Noah

A new band comprising of an amalgam of established Edinburgh musicians, ‘Noah Noah’ unique blend of euphoric electro-indie-pop-rock should certainly blow the froth of your ovaltine and rattle your dentures.


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