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  • 05
  • 2024
  • 07.00
  • pm

The Hills Have Eyes #3 (In The City) and Distort Sheffield present Long Knife w/ Heavy Sentence + SubSahara

Please note this is an 18+ event
Long Knife (USA)
Hailing from Portland, USA!  I think i was first made aware of these fellas from their ‘Negative Mental Attitude’ video back in 2014 and they haven’t been far away from my turntable ever since. Earlier records consist of furious blasts of 80’s hardcore punk, surprising heavy metal sensibilities and razor sharp vocals. Long Knife consistently seem to evolve their sound with each release, see last year’s ‘Curb Stomp Earth’ LP, which can only be described as a heavy big black punk rock boot to the bollocks, littered with musical Easter eggs. Don’t miss this chance to rage with the new kings of punk!
Heavy Sentence
Manchester stalwarts Heavy Sentence just released their new 7 inch ‘Warriors Of Madness’ and are ready to serve you up big time. Think NWOBHM with a classic UK punk tinged approach – stale beer vocals, whiskey tinged twin leads and rhythms akin to a fist fight down the kebab shop. After a classic LP, numerous 7’s and many escapades across Europe and beyond – its safe to say Heavy Sentence bring the brawl.
Alex and I caught a sound of these guys through the walls of the practice place a few weeks ago. We were racking our brains for a band to break up the maniacal barrage and offer something different. SubSahara are just as what we were looking for. I’m sitting here listening to their last few singles being lulled by a dreamy indie sound that wouldn’t be too far from the late 80’s British shoegaze movement observed through an early 2000’s psych garage punk sound. Ethereal.

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