• 22
  • 10
  • 2021
  • 07.30
  • pm

Strange Days presents LYR [SOLD OUT]

Please note this is an 18+ event

…the discovery of a filthy word on a Post-it note triggers an-out-of-body romantic reunion; the names of expensive artisan paints as markers of social stratification; never trust a person who won’t offer a sugar lump to a horse; the lifespan of a relationship that begins in a park in June and ends in downpour in September; a vagrant scavenges a living in the central reservations of Britain’s motorway network; the hand that plucks the buttercup still throws a decent uppercut; the Second Coming about as likely as a single-track train arriving on time in the twilight hours of modern western civilization; a room-to-room expedition through the Great Indoors in search of “home”; the infinite swansong of the run-out spiral of an old vinyl album; left to his own devices a jilted lover itemises examples of near-weightlessness…

Simon Armitage, Patrick James Pearson and Richard Walters are LYR.  LYR is Land Yacht Regatta.  Land Yacht Regatta are proud to present their debut album Call In The Crash Team, the culmination of a triangular collaboration that took shape against a backbeat of social alienation, a backcloth of austerity politics, a search for beautiful noises and the uncontainable urge to fuse language and music.  An album that gives poetic voice to acts of resistance and surrender, Call in the Crash Team is a sonogram of small personal victories, an audio X-ray of momentary emotional capitulations, and a twenty-first century soundscape that echoes the exquisite ache of day-to-day life, all the lovely heartbreaks and the painful joys.

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