• 21
  • 11
  • 2023
  • 07.30
  • pm

Moving North presents ME REX

Please note this is an 18+ event

ME REX is made up of longtime friends Myles McCabe (Guitar/Keys/Vocals), Phoebe Cross (Drums/Vocals) and Rich Mandell (Bass/Keys/Vocals/Production). Based in London and Brighton, the band have carved a distinct niche for themselves. Over the course of two double EPs and one shuffle album trio have continued to evolve with their blend of introspective lyricism, “surging, gargantuan hooks” and soundscapes. ME REX defies genre boundaries and typical song structures, while touching on themes of friendship, forgiveness, loss and joy wrapped in sweeping metaphors of alchemy and mythology. Across the bands catalogue they weave in influences taken from art and lore, from the idea of “Comets as harbingers of change and gateways to other realms” to ancient foundational narratives and their real-world reflections, managing to shape them into something closer to modern humanity.

On ME REX’s new album, Giant Elk, due out in October 2023, McCabe and co. play into their penchant for storytelling by exploring what it means to be human in various different forms following a story of “continual fracturing and regeneration, illustrating the process of growing through loss and grief, set against the backdrop of societal and climate collapse.” The result? Eleven earworm tracks that deliver a catharsis that you’ll keep wanting to discover over and over again. Recorded over the course of 2022 at four different studios, Giant Elk is the first release the band have recorded together since 2020. Their previous records were created during lockdown, with limited time to rehearse and perform the material before committing to record. The trio spent time workshopping Giant Elk originally as another collection of EPs, but quickly realised that the shape of the project meant it would form the basis for their first ‘normal’ full-length album.

With each ME REX release the band have continued to captivate crowds, most notably at End Of The Road, Latitude Festival, SXSW and 2000 Trees Festival, and in November 2023 they’ll be hitting the road around the UK in support of their album. Bridging the gap between worlds of indie, folk and post-rock, ME REX are most comfortable when they’re sonically breaking the constraints most commonly found among their peers: cementing their place as one of the most exciting and innovative collectives of their generation.