• 03
  • 04
  • 2024
  • 07.00
  • pm

Mindslip Records presents Pedro Pedro Pedro

Please note this is an 18+ event

Pedro Pedro Pedro

With influences ranging from avant-funk to prog and new wave, through country and drone rock, they push at the boundaries of the rock band, utilising knotty arrangements, dizzying rhythms and chaotic energies. Wrapping up twisted funk bass (Lavender Rodriguez), avant-garde keys (Heléna Walsh), free jazz guitars (Billy Lancaster), post-rock drums (Tom Monk), and lyrics that draw from Gothic literature, punk sloganeering and beat poetry, Pedro Pedro Pedro are fast, spiky, and fun.

Joe & Co

Joe Thompson is a Manchester-based keyboardist and writer hailing from Staffordshire. Relying heavily on improvisation and a deep routed understanding of rhythm and metre, Joe & Co., comprising Sam Reynolds (drums), Ben Cuerden (bass), Josh Hart (guitar) and Stanley Fleet (guitar), takes influence from a wide range of post-straight ahead jazz, from icons such as Chick Corea and Pat Metheny to more contemporary artists like Anomalie and Aaron Parks. Come along to see Joe’s original works come alive for the very first time, as well as a tasty cover or two!

Connor Lynn

Connor Lynn is a guitarist born in Blackburn and based in Manchester. The Connor Lynn Trio is an offshoot of the Connor Lynn Quartet, showcasing original tunes in a more sparse guitar trio format, as well as placing more emphasis on completely improvised music. The current lineup consists of Adam Hargreaves on drums and Harry Marshall on electric bass with each musician encouraged to contribute their own sound in their own way to the moment. Influences range from neo-soul to 90s drum & bass, all the way to pop, classical music and jazz-rock fusion. Anything could happen.

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