• 09
  • 02
  • 2019
  • 04.00
  • pm
  • Lounge

Peter Barlow’s Cigarette #30 Featuring Dan Eltringham, Ágnes Lehóczky, Denise Riley & Gareth Twose

Please note this is an 18+ event

An afternoon of alternative poetries
4.00 – 6.00pm
Free entry
is a poet and academic. His poetry and translations have recently appeared in the anthologies Wretched Strangers: borders movement homes and The World Speaking Back…To Denise Riley (both Boiler House Press, 2018), and in Blackbox Manifold, Datableed, Cumulus, Plumwood Mountain, Colorado Review and Zarf. His collection Cairn Almanac is a book of poems about field work, time and climate change (Hesterglock Press, 2017). He edits Route 57, the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal, co-edits Girasol Press and co-runs the reading series Electric Arc Furnace.
’s poetry collections are Budapest to Babel (Egg Box, 2008), Rememberer (Egg Box, 2012), Carillonneur (Shearsman, 2014), Pool Epitaphs and Other Love Letters (pamphlet, Boiler House, 2017) and Swimming Pool (Shearsman, 2017). She was the winner of the Jane Martin Prize for Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge, in 2011. Her collection of essays, Poetry, the Geometry of the Living Substance, was published in 2011. She co-edited Sheffield Anthology (Smith / Doorstop, 2012) with Adam Piette, and recently The World Speaking Back to Denise Riley with Zoë Skoulding (Boiler House, 2018) and Wretched Strangers, a transnational anthology, with J. T. Welsch (Boiler House in 2018). She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Sheffield, where she is co-director of the Centre for Poetry and Poetics.

lives in London. Her books are War in the Nursery: Theories of the Child and Mother [1983], ‘Am I That Name?’ Feminism and the Category of ‘Women’ in History [1988], The Words of Selves: Identification, Solidarity, Irony (2000), The Force of Language (with Jean- Jacques Lecercle; 2004), Impersonal Passion: Language as Affect (2005) and Time Lived, Without Its Flow [2012]. Her poetry collections include Marxism for Infants (1977), Dry Air (1985), Mop Mop Georgette (1993), Penguin Modern Poets series 2, vol 10 (with Douglas Oliver and Iain Sinclair; 1996), Selected Poems (2000), Say Something Back (2016) and Penguin Modern Poets series 3, vol 6 [with Maggie Nelson and Claudia Rankine; 2017].

is organiser of Manchester based writing workshop Writers’ Forum North and former co- organiser of the Manchester-based Peter Barlow’s Cigarette series of poetry readings. He was co-organiser of the Manchester Poets for Pussy Riot event (2012). First chapbook Top Ten Tyres published by Red Ceilings Press in 2013. A second book Sven Types of Terrorism was published by Knives, Forks and Spoons in 2016. His latest book Psychodography is published by Leafe Press.

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