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  • 02
  • 2024
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  • pm

Hey! Manchester presents Powersolo w/ Amhed and the Romans

Please note this is an 18+ event

PowerSolo had a few decades of confrontational badassery behind them already when they decended on a barn in the Isle of Mön to record this, their 8,5th studio (OK, barn) album. The concept was clear: let’s boil up a crazy stew with all the ingredients that the fanbase knows and loves. Kind off a return to the roots and the early albums in the mid 2000s It’s Raceday… and Egg. Let a bunch of very diverse songs simmer together and create a beautiful dish that is both extra spicy, surprising, complex yet super yummy. Like a Jambalaya: distinctly American fare, but not main stream at all. We’re talking Creole and Cajun food influenced by African as well as French cuisines and made by the ingredients at hand – some high end and some cheap and maybe even gone a bit stale. Seafood, chicken and smoked pork sausage combined in a vibrant, tasty and utterly unique mouthful. Yes, the metaphor promises a lot, but the album provides.


Like the aforementioned LPs as well as the break through hit album The Real Sound from 2014, Jambalaya – Xtra Spicy was recorded, mixed and produced by Ulrik Petersen and Jesper Reginal (aka The Great Nalna and Yebo of The Tremolo Beer Gut infamy) at Dark Side of The Möön / Kondi Frost Studios. The musical crew consisted of main man Kim Kix as well as his right hand man Anders “Peasoup” Pedersen. The drums were alternately manned by none other than former PowerSolo member JC Benz and live drummer Mike “ZACK” Sullivan.


A pinch of South American spice was added by Flavia Couri of The Courettes on the duet “If I Could Fly” and every dish deserved a bit of French sugar. It was applied on “She’s A Trucker” by none other than Phoebe Killdeer from Nouvelle Vague and Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws. Kix has previously produced and guest starred on these ladies’ recordings, and they were both happy to take a seat at the table of this feast that is Jambalaya – Xtra Spicy,.

Local support comes from Ahmed & The Romans. The son of the Egyptian James Brown and three Italians pieced together from the bowels of the old empire. A real treat, a real sonic treat to bite into.

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