• 06
  • 04
  • 2022
  • 07.00
  • pm

Raul Kohli: 241

Please note this is an 18+ event


Raul Kohli presents two separate hours for the price of one!

Raul Kohli Makes It Up As He Goes Along

An hour of pure improvised crowdwork dependent entirely on the audience interaction

Raul Kohli: The Kohli Bible

An hour cetrered all around belief. In 2019, Raul Kohli was going to do his solo show on how he found God. But then God decided to his solo show on losing every single one of us. Still the pandemic has only reinforced Rauls belief that belief is in fact… rational.

So Christian? Flat Earther? Or believe the vaccine is Bill Gates attempting to put 5g in your butthole?

Well then this is the show for you!