• 12
  • 11
  • 2018
  • 07.00
  • pm
  • Ballroom

Rex Factor Live

Please note this is an 18+ event

Rex Factor is a podcast where two history enthusiasts (Graham Duke and Ali Hood) review all the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II and now, in their second series, of Scotland from Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI.

In each episode we look at one monarch, going over their life and reign before reviewing them on a number of factors:

  • Battleyness – how good they are in battle and warfare
  • Scandal – their notoriety and tendency towards naughtiness
  • Subjectivity – how well and justly they ruled (i.e. would you want to be a subject?)
  • Longevity – how long they ruled for
  • Dynasty – how many legitimate, surviving children they had

And then, finally, we considered whether or not they have that certain something, that lasting legacy, the star quality that we call the Rex Factor.

The podcasts are well researched but also light-hearted and unscripted to provide a more accessible approach to history.