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Shout Louder Festival

Please note this is an 18+ event

Sold Out

Shout Louder‘s head honcho, Sarah W, is turning 30. To celebrate, we’ve hand-picked a mix of our all-time favourite punk bands for this massive all-dayer in Manchester. Come join us for what promises to be a huge party!

Faintest Idea
Long-term TNS favourites Faintest Idea bring the rudeboy street/ska-punk party all the way from the East of Anglia. Shouty smash-the-state vocals, irresistible brass, Alan Partridge accents. What more do you want?
FFO: Random Hand, Rancid, The Specials, dancing till you drop

Fair Do’s
Masters of shred, breakdowns and political ‘choruses’, locals underdogs Fair Do’s bring seriously uptempo, technical skate-punk with a metal edge. Now that they’ve finally released their album ‘Leopards’ you can learn all the lyrics and sing along too.
FFO: Death By Stereo, Propagandhi, Protest The Hero, telling Tree to fuck off

Leeds’ garage punk-n-roll whirlwind return to Manchester for guaranteed good times. If you don’t know what to expect from a Nosebleed set (where have you been?) then just know it’s impossible not to dance.
FFO: The Hives, The Franceens, looking sharp, dancing on tables

Scottish legends PMX are the crème de la crème of skate-punk. They excel in intricate, guitar-led melodic punk, playing memorable songs that are both technical and loaded with mass appeal.
FFO: Propagandhi, Atlas Losing Grip, Mute, knicker-droppingly hot Scottish accents

Aerial Salad.
Turbulent local Manc lads started out humble but they’ve had a taste of the big time following the success of their album ‘Roach’. They’re bristling with raw energy, youthful angst and anthemic choruses.
FFO: early Green Day, Jawbreaker, Wonk Unit, terrible between-song banter

The Human Project
A tech-punk tornado. Leeds’ The Human Project excel is intricate melodic hardcore with a political bent, lifted by soaring harmonies and Jonny’s signature vocals. We’re proud to have them back in Manchester following the international success of their album Clarion Call.
FFO: Propagandhi, Darko, Fair Do’s, widdly widdly nonsense

The Burnt Tapes
Irresistibly hooky regret-punk from London via Athens, The Burnt Tapes have the power to break your heart and mend it all over again in the space of a three minute punk song. You’ll love them if you hate yourself a little bit.
FFO: Iron Chic, Polar Bear Club, The Menzingers, broken teeth

Goodbye Blue Monday
Scottish misery-punks Goodbye Blue Monday play infectiously catchy melodic punk, carried by heartbreakingly honest lyrics about mental health, misery and medication. Come celebrate how miserable we all are.
FFO: Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic, Frightened Rabbit, having a time

The Affect Heuristic
Having set out to make band practice as difficult as possible, The Affect Heuristic will be travelling to their first Manchester show from their homes in both Scotland and Belgium. Taking influence from classic EpiFat bands, tech metal and pop punk, they have created a unique sound that’s as heavy as it catchy.
FFO: A Wilhelm Scream, Shai Hulud, Between The Buried & Me, seeing Sean Arnold in his pants

Follow Your Dreams,
Exciting new noises from 60% of Rising Strike with local legend Kaz Hinsley on vocals. Complicated, dissonant, breakneck hardcore punk, who are so new that we had to write this FFO without even hearing them (apparently we nailed it).
FFO: Petrol Girls, Folly, Dance Gavin Dance, Egos At The Door, cats


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