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Si Deaves – Best Thing Ever [Lounge]

Please note this is an 18+ event

At the age of 36 Si had a baby. Well, his wife did, but he was very much involved. He’s tired now and confused as to why he’s writing this in thirdperson, but regardless has written a show. It’s the best thing ever … The baby, not the show. Although the show is pretty damn good too.

Anyway, it’s about the baby and other things in his life that are also pretty damn good and some that aren’t. This show also includes nonsense.


Best Thing Ever is a show following the last couple of years of Si’s life, from the birth of his first child through to the next evolution of his relationship; divorce. It can be split down the middle, in fact, 50% baby, 50% divorce and how both things, ultimately, make him happy.

It’s packed with gags from start to finish, as well as many diversions into odd stories
and observations and while covering some more serious subjects, is, ultimately, a very fun and silly show, indeed.


Si Deaves is a stand-up comedian from Southend-on-Sea, Essex and has previously
been described as ‘one of the greatest undiscovered acts in the country’ – BFG Concerts, he was also described by one of his comedy heroes as ‘great and very

Deaves’ exploration into the weird and wonderful things his mind does, serves as the perfect vehicle for him to exercise his dry, acerbic wit.

His ability was obvious” – Notts Comedy Review
Nervous, twitchy, and exceptionally humorous” – A Rich Comic Life

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