• 15
  • 11
  • 2017
  • 07.30
  • pm
  • Ballroom


Please note this is an 18+ event

Son of Dave, the one and only harmonica and beatbox blues maverick, is back for another season. Music For Cop Shows is classic S.o.D, loaded with instrumental hooks, original blues-flavoured songs, irresistible grooves and sly madness. His music has appeared in Breaking Bad, Bloodline, Preacher and other television crime dramas, which seems to have encouraged him to put the cart before the horse and create a loose cannon of ditties harking back to 1970s cop shows. Or not. It’s typical Son of Dave messing with you, using ingredients only he can cook with. Fans know it well. It’s his eighth album, and he’s’ not made a weak one yet.

The artist himself on Music For Cop shows: ‘I got the call from Mr Big of Big Records, you know? They got another tune into yet another crime drama. They keep asking for more though. So I made this record for ’em. “Stick that in your soundtrack,” I said.’

Accompanying the 3 November release will be a cheerful November and December club tour of the UK.

Son of Dave is 50 years old, and has lived for 21 years in the UK, hailing originally from Winnipeg, Canada where he was steeped at a young age in the blues-bar tradition. His resumé is long, having had many other successes along the way. He plans to perform until his 80s at least, pointing out that there is no pension plan for Bluesmen, and the whole live-fast-die-young game is for kids who can’t handle their booze, or their managers simply after publicity.

Tickets go on sale on Friday 21st July at 10am via Seetickets.com.

Price: £14 adv
Info/tickets: http://www.heymanchester.com/son-of-dave-2