• 14
  • 08
  • 2021
  • 07.30
  • pm

Deco Records presents Trianglecuts

Please note this is an 18+ event

Tapping into the beautiful inner darkness, haunting electronic duo ‘Trianglecuts’ interweave synths, loops and cold minimal beats with ghostly vocals. Currently recording their debut album for release later this year.


That guttural bleakness punctuated by a lone-slap of reverbed timpani is impressive — a real sit up and listen asthetic tied to a wine-glass hum and a circle of Galás gulls that drag you into a ritualised scrape of brutalist electronics and scatter-cushioned skin.

Lay In The Salt Of The Soil‘s opener “Yet I Am” fills me with same the primal shivers I felt when I first heard The Flowers Of Romance by PiL, and that tasty roll of metal on concrete and the concentrated percussives are also indicative of Test Department’s salvaged ethos.

Their live sound includes two electric guitars, with bass and percussion, blended with ambient electronic elements. Kyuss, Sleep, Cocteau Twins and Lynchian soundtracks influence the instrumentation. The vocals are inspired by the likes of Elizabeth Fraser, Julee Cruise and Anna Calvi, creating a powerful and elegant vocal over dark melodic arrangements.

“An Aughra performance is a deceptive experience – let your thoughts idle for a few seconds and expect to bear the consequences.” (MIMR)


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